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  • Looking for Sexy Lingerie?
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Whether you want to buy sexy lingerie for your partner or you are looking for something for yourself, is your go-to online store. We carry a vast selection of lingerie in a variety of colors, styles and sizes so every woman can look and feel as sexy as she is. For those who aren’t comfortable going to a local store or don’t know where to buy it, the ability to buy lingerie online in India can provide you with access to the various items you are looking for.
When you want to buy sexy lingerie, you may not be sure exactly what you want. However, when you visit our online store, you will find such a great selection of sexy lingerie, you are bound to find something that will suit your tastes and your sense of style. We carry lingerie in all the most popular colors and styles, offering an array of sizes to be sure every woman can feel sexy and comfortable. You will find something that suits just about anyone in our selection.
One of the best reasons to buy lingerie online in India is to enjoy the fast, discreet shipping. For some people, it can feel uncomfortable to walk into a lingerie shop and buy something. However, when you buy sexy lingerie online, you will receive the sexy outfits you are looking for without worrying about who might find out. You are guaranteed your privacy.
  • Sheer Thigh Highs

    Rs. 306.00

    Sheer Thigh Highs

  • Garters With Bow Details & Matching G-string Black

    Rs. 747.00

    Garters With Bow Details & Matching G-string Black

  • Lace Top Patterned Stockings

    Rs. 504.00

    Lace Top Patterned Stockings

  • Naughty Nurse Babydoll

    Rs. 1,325.00 Rs. 1,049.00

    Naughty Nurse Babydoll

  • Midnight Romance Pink

    Rs. 1,008.00 Rs. 799.00

    Midnight Romance Pink

  • Green Lace Desire

    Rs. 1,079.00 Rs. 979.00

    Green Lace Desire

  • Luxurious Plum Babydoll Dress & G-String

    Rs. 1,689.00 Rs. 1,288.00

    Luxurious Plum Babydoll Dress & G-String

  • Flirtacious Feline Lace Lingerie

    Rs. 1,199.00 Rs. 949.00

    Flirtacious Feline Lace Lingerie

  • Black Beauty Floral Babydoll

    Rs. 1,190.00 Rs. 790.00

    Black Beauty Floral Babydoll

  • Floral Lace Elegance Gown

    Rs. 1,389.00 Rs. 1,129.00

    Floral Lace Elegance Gown

  • Luxurious White Elegance Gown

    Rs. 1,548.00 Rs. 1,398.00

    Luxurious White Elegance Gown

  • Pink Temptation of Desire

    Rs. 1,569.00 Rs. 1,249.00

    Pink Temptation of Desire

  • Playful Red Satin Pleasures

    Rs. 1,449.00 Rs. 1,269.00

    Playful Red Satin Pleasures

  • White Pleasures Body Stocking

    Rs. 1,075.00 Rs. 875.00

    White Pleasures Body Stocking

  • Pleasure Tease Stocking

    Rs. 1,075.00 Rs. 975.00

    Pleasure Tease Stocking

  • Flirtacious Body Stocking

    Rs. 1,173.00 Rs. 879.00

    Flirtacious Body Stocking

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