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Discreet Payment & Packaging

We at Its-Secret.com hold discretion and our customer’s privacy of extreme importance. It is our number one priority and it is in the very core of our DNA – we know how daunting it is to even browse through such products on the internet, and the thought of being seen with such products is not something that most people want anyone else to know about (apart from our loved one’s of course!). This entire website was created as a result of personal experiences in purchasing such products, and therefore it is why we value discretion so highly. 

Peace of Mind, Relax 
We have put careful thought and planning into how our customers receive their products, including payments and invoices, giving you peace of mind that your package will arrive safely and discreetly.  

Triple Wrapped 


All of our products are initially wrapped in protective bubble wrap and then double wrapped in either two tamper proof bag’s (applies for lingerie and costumes) or a corrugated box followed by a tamper proof bag. 


Bubble Wrap 

Our high grade bubble wrap ensures that the product is not damaged whilst in transit, and provides that extra layer of secrecy. Your product will be protected from shifting around inside the box and any vibrations during delivery, and as an additional perk you can spend your post bedroom fun popping the bubbles…. Go on! 

Tamper Proof Bag 

These are of the highest quality, securely sealed and provide absolutely no ability to see, or even guess as to what is inside. Water resistant and leak proof, these bags also employ high strength seams giving you a worry free mind for your package arriving safely. 

Corrugated Box 

This ensures that no suspicious minds can have a feel of your package and guess what is inside, and provides a second layer of protection after the bubble wrap, using high quality Virgin and recycled Craft Paper. 

Zero Branding 


All of our packaging comes with absolutely no branding of Its-Secret.com or any of the products, including the invoice just in-case it falls into the wrong hands. Additionally, the invoice will not even list the name of the products that you have purchased, simply the product code, the amount and the delivery details. 

Discreet Payment 


We know that it’s not only the packaging which must remain discreet, but also the payment which appears on your bank statement – imagine having to provide a bank statement to someone and seeing ‘Its-Secret.com’ appear as a transaction! The curiosity it would raise…. That’s why all payments will appear with the parent company name of CAIS Luxury Products Pvt Ltd to avoid any suspicion whatsoever. 

I Don’t Care About Secrecy… 
And of course, for those of you who are brave enough to purchase your products without such secrecy, we say bravo to you!  

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