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  • 3 Things Sexy Costumes Can Do for Your Love Life

    With so many couples participating in intimate role playing activities, sexy costumes are becoming a more popular wardrobe addition for women of all ages. Whether you are new to the world of role playing or just looking to update your current selection of lingerie, here are three ways that sexy costumes for women can spice up your life between the sheets.

    Enhance Communication

    For most people, putting on a costume means that you expect someone to see you wearing it. If you have never tried role playing before, this is the perfect opportunity to open the lines of communication between you and your partner. Although it can be uncomfortable discussing personal desires, discussing different costumes and lingerie can make you feel more comfortable talking about other subjects as well. In the end, communication generally leads to satisfaction in the bedroom.

    Increase Confidence

    Furthermore, sexy costumes for women have a way of boosting confidence with traditional female stereotypes. Despite the standards of a politically correct society, nothing says come hither like a sassy schoolgirl uniform or an effortlessly revealing belly dancer costume with heels. On a basic level, these fantastical embodiments of the female form make women feel attractive and desirable no matter how they prefer to dress on an everyday basis.

    Lighten the Mood

    Another underestimated benefit of role playing is that it brings an element of fun into your sexual life. While passion and intimacy are to be expected, it is okay to share a chuckle once in a while and make light of the situation. In order to be truly comfortable with your partner, you have to be able to laugh and appreciate the humor in unexpected circumstances, especially when your escapades don't go quite the way you planned. Sexy costumes for women can help you break this barrier of formality and enjoy your time together more thoroughly than ever before.

  • The Best Sexy Romantic Gifts

    You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary to buy your partner a sexy romantic gift. Sometimes surprising her on a random Wednesday evening can be the best way to rekindle the romance or just let her know that you love her. Here are a few ideas of sexy gifts that are perfect for any occasion.

    Sexy Lingerie

    It may seem cliché, but there’s a reason that buying sexy lingerie has been the go-to romantic gift for decades. The options out there range from classy to kinky and everything in-between. Nothing puts a women in the mood like feeling sexy, and nothing makes a women feel sexy like looking sexy. She’ll adore the way you ravish her when she puts on her new lingerie, and you’ll think you’ve stumbled on heaven when you see her walk in wearing the outfit you bought her. This best thing about lingerie is that every time she puts it on, she’ll remember the night you first gave it to her.

    Massage Oil

    Massage oil is the perfect gift, because it’s really two gifts in one. The first gift is the oil itself, and the second romantic gift is the promise the massage oil implies. The second she opens her present, she’ll be counting down the time to when she is relaxed in bed receiving her romantic massage, the scent of the oils intoxicating her as she relaxes to the warm touch of your hands gliding across her back.

    Breakfast in Bed

    When most people think of treating their partner to a romantic meal, breakfast is not the first thing that comes to mind. While a candlelight dinner makes the perfect setting for presenting her with your gift, breakfast in bed is an unexpected treat the next day that is a gift in itself.

    Remember, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to buy your partner a romantic gift. Show her you care all year long.

  • How to Choose the Perfect Personal Lubricant

    Have you ever tried to search online or in a sex shop for the perfect personal lubricant? The sheer variety of products available for adult consumers is astonishing, making every purchase a risky game of trial and error to figure out what you like. Here are three simple guidelines to help you find a lubricant that suits your individual needs.

    Condoms, Toys and Personal Use

    One critical distinction you must make when it comes to selecting a brand of lubricant is whether you want a water-based or silicone-based formula. If you are planning to use a sex toy, a water-based lubricant is ideal, making it easier to clean up later on. Although both types can be used safely in combination with a latex or lambskin condom, silicone-based lubricants are said to last longer with a rich, silky consistency that minimizes the frequency of application.

    Enhanced Sensation and Pleasure

    In addition, each type of personal lubricant is geared toward a specific audience. Do you like fruity snacks and beverages? Try a lubricant in one of many different flavors like refreshing watermelon or peach. If dessert is not exactly your style, some brands are designed to create a cooling or tingling sensation that is said to enhance your overall pleasure whether you are alone or with a partner.

    Allergies or Sensitivities

    Finally, you should always check the ingredients on the label before purchasing any type of lubricant. If you are allergic to a specific ingredient, you can avoid an uncomfortable reaction by using alternative formulas instead. Some products are even designed for people with sensitive skin.

    In the end, many people rely on some type of lubricant for sexual satisfaction and a majority of formulas are made to complement the natural behaviors of your body. Just follow these basic tips while shopping for a personal lubricant to find a product that is guaranteed to work for you.

  • Feel Sexy this Valentines Day by Purchasing Beautiful Lingerie

    Do you want to entice your partner in the bedroom and feel great about yourself? There are a few things that can make a woman feel beautiful about themselves. Lingerie gives them the confidence they need to feel great. Maybe you have always wanted to wear a sensual outfit for your loved one but felt uncomfortable going to a boutique to buy them. Do not worry about being spotted in an adult store by family members or friends when you can buy lingerie online in India. Find an outfit that not only feels wonderful to wear, but makes you look just as stunning.

    Have Privacy When You Shop from Home

    One of the greatest benefits of being able to shop for lingerie on the internet is there are no prying eyes while you are shopping. You do not have to worry about bumping into anyone that you may know or get caught carrying a bag with the store’s name on it. There is no sales person that you will feel uncomfortable talking to when you shop from home. You can feel the freedom of searching through simple gowns to more racy pieces without anyone knowing. Your merchandise will also be shipped discreetly to your home packaged like any other product you may buy online.

    A Larger Selection Is Available for You to Choose From

    Another advantage of purchasing lingerie online is that there is an endless selection for you to choose from. Unlike in a boutique that has limited space to put their products out for display, you can search by categories through several pages of lingerie. From babydolls to corsets there is something to fit everyone’s taste. Perhaps you want to purchase a sexy pair of panties to wear for date night, or stockings to add with a garter belt, online stores offer all these products for you to view while relaxing at home.

    Do Not Let Your Inhibitions Restrict You from Purchasing Lingerie

    Cook up a little something in the bedroom by adding some spicy lingerie to wear for your partner. Do not feel you cannot express yourself sexually because of being afraid to shop at a local adult store. Start shopping online to bring out your erotic side. Have peace of mind that you can experiment with your sexual side by purchasing quality products from a reliable company. Make your lover’s jaw drop and leave them speechless the next time you walk out in sensual lingerie.

    Resource Box: Buy lingerie online in India from the convenience of your own home. offers their customers complete discretion on any product that they purchase from them.

  • Understand Why You Should Purchase Condoms Online


    Regardless if you are in a monogamous relationship or not it is important to use a condom if you are sexually active. Anyone your partner has had unprotected sex with is just like you having sex with them. Using a condom not only protects against pregnancy, but it also protects you from diseases transmitted through intercourse. If you feel uncomfortable purchasing condoms at a store you may rush and buy condoms that do not fit you properly. Do not feel awkward picking up protection anymore when you can buy condoms online in India from the convenience of your home. When you shop from home you can take the time needed to purchase the right product.

    Select from a Variety of Shapes

    There is a large selection of condoms for people to choose from depending on your preference. Just like your shoes not everyone can wear the same size of condoms. It is important for you to purchase the right size to help prevent the product from slipping off or breaking during sexual activity. Some condoms even come with ribs or bumps to help increase sensation for both partners during intercourse. By shopping online, you can find a style that enhances the pleasure to satisfy you both. Condoms also come in a variety of colors and flavors to make oral sex enjoyable.

    Reasons You Should Use a Condom

    • They are easy to use.
    • They can increase the fun of sex depending on the style of condom you use.
    • They do not have the side-effects other birth controls may have.
    • They are available in local stores and online.
    • Sex is less messy.
    • No is prescription required.
    • Lessens the chance of cervical cancer in women.
    • It shows you are mature.
    • Use them if you have multiple sexual partners.

    Have Your Order Shipped Discreetly to Your Door

    Do not be scared that you will be spotted picking up a package of condoms at your local store anymore. Just place an order online with a reliable company that respects your wishes to keep the purchase private. Relax knowing that the name of the company and what you ordered will not show up on your next credit card or bank statement. The package will be thoroughly wrapped to prevent damage when shipped to you. You can have peace of mind knowing that your order will not tear and be exposed for others to see while it is being transported to your door.

    Resource Box: Not sure where to buy condoms online in India? Visit today to discover the styles they have to offer you, along with other great products.

  • Feel Beautiful with Sexy Underwear for Women

    This is the time for beautiful women who have that extra sexy edge to find clothes and undergarments to match their fiery personality. How many times have you seen a model wearing a beautiful bathing suit and wondered if you could pull it off too? As a woman, it is your right to feel wonderful, comfortable, and sexy. What can better define all these qualities than beautiful and sexy underwear for women?
    Underwear used to be looked upon as a mere necessity, but as times have matured, women have come to relate their personalities with what they wear underneath their everyday office clothes or casual outfits. One cannot ignore the difference in the confidence and appeal that a woman feels when she is pleased with not just what she is wearing outside but what is beneath that super-sophisticated suit as well.

    What to Remember when Looking for a Pair of New and Sexy Underwear

    A brassiere should be well-fitted. A well-fitted brassiere will not only boost your comfort levels and confidence but also will improve your posture and make your look even more enticing. Make sure to get yourself measured and find a bra that suits your size and shape. Once you find a bra that really suits your body and meets your expectations, you will be able to feel it and you will love every moment of wearing it.
    Consider carefully what type of panties you prefer. Whether you like them to be playful and sweet like wearing a pair of side-tie panties, sexy like when you use a shiny thong or laid-back and flirty with a pair of boy-cut briefs on, understand what your definition of sexy is. Every woman feels different about wearing different types of panties. Understanding what makes you feel the most comfortable will also make you look your sexiest. If you aren’t sure, try a variety of different panties and feel what makes your natural curves even more gorgeous and gives you that sexy appeal.
    Shaping garments such as corsets and bustiers can make anyone’s curves look even more beautiful and beneath their clothes. Though it takes some time to get used to wearing them, they do a wonderful job in making that tight dress look it’s most flattering on you.

    Don’t be Afraid to be Bold

    There are a number of beautiful options available in the market from cotton to leather, and in a wide range of enticing colors and patterns too. Go ahead, be bold and adventurous! Try out something that you haven’t tried wearing before, and who knows? Maybe you will find that the exact lingerie that makes you feel daring is also comfortable and makes you feel like a goddess! Sexy underwear for women can be a wonderful gift to yourself when you want to feel extra special and stunning. After all, it is all about loving your body and being confident in what you wear! It is a great way of boosting your self-esteem and can be your sweet little secret unless you want to reveal it to that special someone!

  • Do Not Let Your Sex Life Get in a Rut - Add Some Fun to the Bedroom!

    Couples who have been in a long-term relationship eventually fall into a routine. Before they realise it their sex life begins to fizzle out because there is not much heat between them. You do not have to become one of these couples when you buy sex products from India to spice up your relationship. Not only is sex good for a relationship it is good for you! Your heart and immune system are both boosted by having intercourse, along with reducing stress and improving your sleep. Find the products that will begin to improve your love life and explore your exotic side with your loved one.

    How to Introduce Sex Products to Your Relationship

    You may feel embarrassed to introduce sex products into your relationship. Perhaps you are unsure how your partner will react to bringing them into the bedroom. Start out with a casual conversation and make small changes so you can find out how you partner feels. You can also buy a simple item such as massage oil to discover how receptive they may be. It never hurts to try, and if your lover does not like the idea they will tell you so. Then again you may find out they have been excited to try new things, but they were afraid of what you would think! Once you determine how you both feel, you will be able to explore each other’s sexual fantasies. Be sure to communicate with each other what each of your limits are. This way neither one of you become uncomfortable when a line is crossed, nor will you feel pressured.

    Enjoy the Freedom of Shopping from Home

    One of the lovely things about shopping online is that you do not have to go to an adult store to purchase merchandise. There is no need to worry about being spotted in or leaving the shop by people you know when you can buy everything online. Not only do you have the privacy of shopping at home, online stores offer a larger variety of products for their customers to browse. Search for lingerie or costumes to add a little spice to your sex life. Perhaps edible paints or panties may be what you enjoy. The possibilities are endless when you add sex products to your life.


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    We here at understand that it can be a daunting task having to buy basic bedroom items and accessories - that nerving feeling of friends or family spotting you with such goods and products is too risky!
    Not to fear, are here to provide you with the products you need and more! Offering complete secrecy with each order where you as the customer can choose whether to submit your order as a guest or create a saved profile, and with our unique triple wrapped and unlabelled packaging, you will have piece of mind that no-one will ever suspect the contents. Paying by card? Worried that your transaction will appear on your statement? Dont worry, we've got you sorted - all payments will appear with our trading name CAIS Luxury Products Pvt. Ltd. to avoid any suspicious prying eyes!

    Choose from our range of elegant gowns and lingerie, offering you the chance to spoil that special lady in your life or just as a treat for yourself, or spice up the bedroom fun with some premium lubricants and role play costumes for an eroctic night indoors! Take advantage of our exlcusive Secret Offers where we provide a range of products at specially discounted prices, and upon account registration you will receive a HUGE discount of 20%! All orders will also recive an exciting free gift and if you spend over RS. 5,000 then you'll qualify for a premium free gift!

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